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Innovative Community Centres Association


Beginning of the project “SEAM: Social Education of Adults through Mobility”

Seven organizational partners the European Union launched the project "Social adult education through mobility" which will be implemented over the next two years. 

Seven new vocational trainings for librarians have been launched

Trainings are being funded by the "I can do more" scheme of the "Human Resources" Operational Programme and are being held in seven different towns

ICCA Launched "The Chitalishtes - An Accessible Training Place" Program

The first program activity marks the start of free of charge basic computer literacy trainings for adults in the Chitalishtes, ICCA members.

Training for persons deprived of liberty

The Client of the Key computer competencies training is National Employment Agency and Chief Directorate "Execution of Judgement".


Beginning of the project “SEAM: Social Education of Adults through Mobility”


Seven partner organizations from the European Union launched the project "Social adult education through mobility" ("SEAM: Social Education of Adults through Mobility"), which will be implemented over the next two years.
Representatives of partner organizations will hold the first meeting of the group from 04.08.2015 until 11.04.2015 in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain to give the of start the project and its activities.

"SEAM: Social Education of Adults through Mobility" is a two-year strategic partnership at international level coordinated by Asociación Gantalcalá (Spain) with the support of Innovative Community Centres Association (Bulgaria), Diecezni charita Brno (Czech Republic), Passaggi onlus (Italy), Latvian Adult Education Association (Latvia), Municipio de Amarante (Portugal) and Inštitut Antona Trstenjaka za gerontologijo in medgeneracijsko sožitje (Slovenia). Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commision, the project aims to join together organisations from different fields in order to work together and exchange good practices related to social inclusion of adults and the acquisition of new cultural and/or language skills through formal and non formal education methodologies. During the project implementation, partner organisations from the mentioned countries will run together different activities such as:

  • Coordination meetings on the project partner countries in order to get to know the best practices and local projects related with adults intercultural and/or social education;
  • Design, creation, test and publication of different manuals for organisations managing local projects for adults and toolkits for sending and hosting adults from other countries through cooperation or volunteering projects;
  • International learning activities such as trainings for adult educators;
  • Transnational activities for adult learners to promote their mobility as a learning tool;
  • Local activities for learners and trainers working on the adult field focused on testing new learning materials and developing innovative ones;
  • Visibility events on each partner country to disseminate the project results.

Thanks to these activities and a regular cooperation between adults educators and users over 50 years old during all these activities,the project intends to promote the cooperation between European organisations on the field of non formal and formal adult education, that could make possible the creation of a network of partners for the development of mobility projects for adults, that could also help to promote the entrepreneurship and initiative of adults and involve them on peer education projects.

The benefits are not only for adult learners but for the staff involved in the project, who will receive the opportunity to significantly improve their professional skills and their ability to provide high quality services to the customers of each organization. The first workshop SEAM will be held in cooperation with the Centro Ibercaja de La Rioja in Logroño, Spain. More about the activities provided for in this meeting project objectives, as well as partner organizations, you can learn from the website of the project: http://www.seamproject.eu/

For further information please contact the Innovative Community Centers Association, the Bulgarian partner in this project at: or /www.association.bg


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission and the Erasmus+ programme. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Copyright © 2015 SEAM project. All rights reserved.