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Innovative Community Centres Association


Beginning of the project “SEAM: Social Education of Adults through Mobility”

Seven organizational partners the European Union launched the project "Social adult education through mobility" which will be implemented over the next two years. 

Seven new vocational trainings for librarians have been launched

Trainings are being funded by the "I can do more" scheme of the "Human Resources" Operational Programme and are being held in seven different towns

ICCA Launched "The Chitalishtes - An Accessible Training Place" Program

The first program activity marks the start of free of charge basic computer literacy trainings for adults in the Chitalishtes, ICCA members.

Training for persons deprived of liberty

The Client of the Key computer competencies training is National Employment Agency and Chief Directorate "Execution of Judgement".


Santa's workshop in Nikopol


Christmas is coming and the art workshop in Community Center "Progress 1871" in the town of Nikopol quickly transformed into Santa's workshop.

It runs every other day and attract new helpers thanks to the chief Boriana Pavlova. the souvenirs and toys will participate into the the Christmas bazaar. With the funds raised will be initiated an involvement in the construction of a memorial to the fallen in the wars people from Nikopol - another initiative of Community Center "Progress 1871".

The information is provided by the Secretary of the Community Center "Progress 1871" - Nikolinka Hristova Photographer: K. Tacheva