About Us

Our organization is voluntary association of community centers carrying out activities connected with sustainable development and in particular educational, informational and technological development of local communities.
Innovative Community Centers Association (ICCA) is founded in September 2004 as non-for-profit legal entity. It is registered in the Ministry of Justice Main Register of non-for-profit legal entities implementing activities in public interest. The Association main office is in Sofia.

The Association realizes its activity in respect to the following underlying principles:
1. Equal rights, obligations and responsibilities;
2. Discussion and decision-making as teamwork
3. To accept the decisions by common consent/ majority
4. To assume personal responsibility of decisions and actions

Innovative Community Centers Association priority objectives are:
• The achievement of equality in informational, technological and communicational levels in the local community centers all over the country
• Ensuring the access to vocational training and education of the citizens, according to their personal interests and abilities and meeting the needs for qualified workers, competitive on the labor market
Strengthening the good image of the community centre, building up its role and significance in the local communities development, increasing the public importance of the community centre as cultural, educational and informational local development factor

Among the main instruments of achieving ICCA's objectives are:
1. Participation in working out and managing projects, connected with the community centers development;
2. To acquire and command the service of joint/ general license for the purpose of forming and support of the vocational training and information system;
3. Organizing vocational training services, courses, discussions with the aim to develop the human resources capacity by skills improvement of the community centers teams, also people working at state and municipal institutions and any particular citizen.

 ICCA Management
1. A General Assembly
2. A Management Board