Vocational Training

One of the Innovative Community Centers Association priority objective is ensuring the access to vocational training and education of the citizens, according to their personal interests and abilities and meeting the needs for qualified workers, competitive on the labor market. For the purpose in 2006 ICCA Vocational Training Center was certified, realizing the necessity of assuring and maintaining quality in the vocational education and training of people from settlements remote from the significant administrative centers. To overcome this obstacle the vocational training network was established as result of the teamwork of the community centers in partnership with local government, employers and non-government organizations.
In partnership with the Local Employment Offices at regular intervals an inquires are made to register the labor market fluctuations and if it is necessary a new profession (vocation) could be added in the ICCA Vocational Training license from the List of Professions for VET.

 Innovative Community Centers Association - Vocational Training Center