First meeting of the project “Andragogy: virtual learning environment for librarians” was held in National Library of Latvia


Erasmus+ project "Andragogy: virtual learning environment for librarians" started with a first transnational meeting on 18th -19th of February, 2016 at the National Library of Latvia (Riga, Latvia). It was the first time when all representatives from Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria have met to discuss issues (proceedings, course) of the project implementation. 13 representatives form Vilnius County Adomas Mickevicius Public Library, Jelgava Scientific Library, National Library of Latvia, Innovative Community Centers Association, Regional Library Nikola Furnadzhiev discussed main topics of the project: activitie, budget, output, communication plan.

The goal of this project is to create a virtual andragogy learning environment where training materials will be translated into the partner-countries languages and English language as well which will make it available for the wider international community of the librarians. There will be tools and functions in the virtual andragogy course learning environment that will support a formation of international librarians‘ andragogy community, stimulate sharing of experience, ensure self-learning, lifelong learning and qualification improving processes. Using professionally developed system librarians will be able to communicate with each other, share their experiences, search for partners concerning andragogy matters, provide information, and share relevant material. Andragogy derives from the Greek root -agogus-meaning "leading." "Andra" translates as the word adult, which makes andragogy the art and science of teaching/leading adults. Andragogy emerged in the 1800s and then grew in popularity from 1960. It is the theory of adult learning that sets out the "scientific fundamentals of the activities of learners and teachers in planning, realizing, evaluating, and correcting adult learning".

The final concept of the platform and all details concerning project implementation should be clarified before the second meeting of the project partners which will be on 13-14 of June, 2016 in Vilnius County Adomas Mickevicius Public Library, Lithuania. Until then all participating partners will continue implementing the tasks of the project's primary stage and will follow the progress through contact communication with each other.

This project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commision. For further information please contact the Innovative Community Centers Association - or /

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