Representing ICCA`s distance learning activities for librarians


From 25 to 28 November 2016 in Sofia is holding the second international meeting of the project participants INELI Balkans (International Network of developing library innovators in the Balkans).
The project is coordinated by the Greek NGO Future Library and unites library professionals from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Greece, with order to develop a sustainable network that fosters collaboration and innovation, e-learning and experimenting with new ideas. Part of INELI Balkans in the role of innovator is Mihaela Andonova - member of the Management board of ICCA.

Organized by Future Library, in partnership with the Bulgarian Library and Information Association and Global Libraries Foundation - Bulgaria, the second meeting of INELI Balkans is characterized by a rich program of educational activities that demonstrate the success and the power of networking.

Part of the program of the second day was the presentation of the Innovative Community Centers Association, in particular the acquaintance of library professionals with the activities of the ICCA, concerning distance education for librarians. The President of the Association - Georgi Petrov presented the latest project initiatives related to Andragogy and the opportunities for online digital training sessions for librarians.

After the INELI meeting it is expected to be announced the results of the online training of 35 innovators who have won the competition to participate in the program. There also will be an announcement of the awards winners for innovation - five developed projects from library participants who will receive an initial grant for the implementation of their ideas. The program includes a visit to the Children's Museum and Learning Center Muzeyko and presentations of library innovation from Bulgaria and other participating countries.