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Innovative Community Centres Association


Beginning of the project “SEAM: Social Education of Adults through Mobility”

Seven organizational partners the European Union launched the project "Social adult education through mobility" which will be implemented over the next two years. 

Seven new vocational trainings for librarians have been launched

Trainings are being funded by the "I can do more" scheme of the "Human Resources" Operational Programme and are being held in seven different towns

ICCA Launched "The Chitalishtes - An Accessible Training Place" Program

The first program activity marks the start of free of charge basic computer literacy trainings for adults in the Chitalishtes, ICCA members.

Training for persons deprived of liberty

The Client of the Key computer competencies training is National Employment Agency and Chief Directorate "Execution of Judgement".


Management Board

eng. George Petrov


Eng. George Petrov


Eng. George Petrov is a graduate of the Technical University - Sofia. He has worked for seven years in publishing companies and since 2001 - as "Informational technologies" manager in "Chitalishta" project (UNDP), he is interested in the implementation of new technologies in the activities of the community centers. In 2004 he becomes the founder of Innovative Community Centers Association and a chairman of the Management Board.


Silvia Boeva


Silvia Boeva


Mrs. Boeva is a graduate of "Konstantin Preslavski" University of Shumen, Faculty of Education - Social Pedagogics. Since 2004 she is manager and member of board of trustees - "Aleko Konstantinov" community center, Provadia. She took part in working out and realization of about 10 projects of the community center. She is also a member of the Provadia municipal council.


 Vera Demireva


Vera Demireva



Mrs. Demireva is Master of Engineering in "Communicational Technique and Technologies" - Technical University - Varna. She has further qualification in the field of computer networks and technologies. Mrs. Demireva holds the office of engineer in the Center for Information and Education at "Vassil Levski" community center - Balchik. She is in charge with the organization of the vocational training courses.


Михаела Андонова


Mihaela Andonova



Mrs. Andonova is a Master of “Tourism management” who has an international experience in the tourism sector in the USA for about four years. As a coordinator of the info-educational club in community center “Svetlina-1896”, Bov, Svoge municipality, Bulgaria since 2007, she is interested in implementing project activities in the NGO sphere.  She is also a manager and choreographer of Modern-dance formation “Art-M” and a member of board of trustees - “Svetlina-1896” community center, Gara Bov.




Gergana Ganicheva






Kristian Marinov 


Kristian Marinov

Technical Assistant


Mr. Marinov is an Economics graduate. During the period of his engagement in the of social and non-government sphere he has attained trainings for work with social groups at risk. He has an additional specialization in Switzerland and France. Mr. Marinov holds the manager office in the Center for Information and Education at "Saglasie" community center, Teteven. Since 1990 he is bee-master.


 Violeta Kiprinova Violeta Kiprinova


Mrs. Kiprinova is an Economics graduate. She has an experience in the office of accountant, mainly in state enterprises and publishing companies. Since 2005 she is working for ICCA - she is mainly occupied with the business matters and accounting.