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Innovative Community Centres Association


Beginning of the project “SEAM: Social Education of Adults through Mobility”

Seven organizational partners the European Union launched the project "Social adult education through mobility" which will be implemented over the next two years. 

Seven new vocational trainings for librarians have been launched

Trainings are being funded by the "I can do more" scheme of the "Human Resources" Operational Programme and are being held in seven different towns

ICCA Launched "The Chitalishtes - An Accessible Training Place" Program

The first program activity marks the start of free of charge basic computer literacy trainings for adults in the Chitalishtes, ICCA members.

Training for persons deprived of liberty

The Client of the Key computer competencies training is National Employment Agency and Chief Directorate "Execution of Judgement".


The Innovative Community Centers Association is organizing tuitions, part of the “I can do more” Human Resource Development Operational Programme scheme


On 15 August 2011 the Directorate of Labour offices began accepting applications for the "I can do more" scheme training.

The scheme's target group are people employed under labour contracts, as well as self-employed individuals, with the exception of those working in State Administration bodies, the Administration of Local Authorities, the Judicial System, the National Education System, The Ministry of Interior and The Ministry of Defense.

The "I can do more" scheme" provides funding for professional skills training, digital competence training and foreign language studies.

The Innovative Community Centers Association is an approved provider of training services under 1 and 2 priority axes of the Human Resource Development Operational Programme. As such, we organize professional trainings and trainings for gaining key competence that can be paid by "I can do more" scheme vouchers.

Training for key competencies:
-Digital competence- the towns of Ardino, Balchik, Belene, Bourgas, Byala Slatina, Varna, Djebel, Zlatograd, Ivaylovgrad, Carlovo, Cardjali, Lom, Malko Tarnovo, Pomorie, Provadia, Radomir, Razgrad, Smolyan, Teteven, Benkovski and villages- Graf Ignatievo, Kirkovo, Kurtovo Konare, Momchilovtsi, Novo selo, Tihomir, Tsenovo, Yagodovo;

- Foreign Lanuage Studies- the towns of Bourgas, Provadia, Smolyan and villages- Kurtovo Konare, Trud, Tsenovo and Yagodovo;

Professional qualification trainings:

-Occupation "Librarian" (code 322010) - towns of Vidin, Vratsa, Dobrich, Kardjali, Pazardjik, Pleven, Provadia, Razgrad, Russe, Silistra, Sofia, Troyan, Targovishte and Haskovo;

-Occupation "Office Secretary" (code 346020) - town of Smolyan and Yagodovo village;

-Occupation "Computer Operator" (code 482030) - town of Byala Slatina;

-Occupation "Chef" (code 811070) - town of Belene

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